Farm Equipment Recovery

With millions of dollars of equipment, limited time frames, and less than ideal conditions, a Performance Winch Skid is sometimes the ONLY safe and viable option to get your equipment back to generating revenue as quickly as possible

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Confined Space Recovery

Many times a winch is the best solution to the recovery job that lay ahead, but large trucks built for on-road travel cannot access the areas needed to safely execute the recovery

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Extreme Terrain

When others exhaust all their ideas, efforts, and equipment just getting into POSITION, A Performance Winch Skid coupled with your tracked skid steer is a formidable recovery solution when others just have muddy boots.

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Performance Winch Skid

Performance Winch Skids are the most robust and durable winch skid on the market today.  Our winch skid attachment is designed and engineered to withstand the rigors of the Towing and Recovery Industry for years of trouble free operation.

Embedded deep in the frame work lies a 30,000 lb. Warn planetary winch assembly with hydraulic motors that are designed to match the flow of an appropriate sized skid steer.  Using a wide-drum winch allows for winch drum layers to have consistent and even pull throughout the 300' length of 5/8 cable.  One piece MACHINED pulleys slide on large shafts that allow the cable to spool consistently and correctly.

The framework of each skid is cut with CNC laser tables, and each is built within precision tolerances.  The robust steel structure is built heavy enough to withstand the loads imposed on it.  Multiple D-rings are in place to allow for multiple points of rigging attachment as well as placement for snatch blocks to decrease line loads when necessary.

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